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PGA Village Verano Buying My First Home                         

FREE Buyer Representation!

Today’s real estate market offers some of the best opportunities if you’re buying your first home in PGA Village Verano Port St Lucie.  Low interest rates, a plethora of homes for sale and first time homebuyer programs offering tax incentives and enticing down payment and closing cost assistance to help you acquire your dream home.  But the preliminaries can become confusing and often deter many homebuyers.  Your first solution is to always work with a Realtor-Buyers Agent who offers FREE and exclusive Buyer Representation, because professional advice always outweighs a wing and a prayer.

Buying a home in PGA Village Verano is one of the best investments in your life. It provides stability and it will become your primary tangible equity resource in your life.  I’ve always been told that if there is one permanent thing you could want it is a roof over your head.

The current market has its obstacles whereas everyone and anyone could get a mortgage loan two years ago and now the criterion has changed – for the better!  A good, stable and positive credit history is required accompanied by a healthy bank account. Lenders will heavily base their decision for a loan on your credit score and while these guidelines are not cast in stone, a score that is as close to 720 or higher is lined in gold and will get you closer to obtaining your dream home than a score in the mid-600’s.

While credit histories deter many homebuyers now is the time to begin working on improving your credit score.  Sure, it’s true that interest rates will go up some but why keep waiting to fix your credit history?  You just prolong ever becoming a home owner. Just think in a year what you can accomplish; programs will still be intact to help you with down payments and closing costs and your FICO credit score will be higher to qualify you.  And many people always think the worst when it comes to their credit history but until you actually speak to the professionals – a Realtor-Buyer's Agent and a Lender – you’ll never know what position you’re in for a new home.  

Do you really need to act that fast to get into a home?  Yes! Market indicators all suggest that the economy is standing steady but interest rates will undoubtedly not go lower than they are right now which means if you wait another six months to a year to purchase a home you could be looking to pay thousands of dollars more in interest.  This means a larger monthly mortgage payment, more of a down payment and a larger loan package. Not to mention once the real estate markets begin to become more stable home prices will start to inch back up.   Click Mortgage Calculator for quick estimate of mortgage payment.

Two years ago many people could not qualify for a single family home because their income was too low for such high-priced real estate but with today’s new home prices, first time home buyers are in a better position, especially with all the new programs to help you buy.

Every state has some program now that helps with either the down payment or closing costs.  There are guidelines and criteria to meet but for many this means realizing their dream that much quicker.

Understanding all of your options and the value of purchasing now is very important.  Today’s market is so advantageous that you can’t afford NOT to purchase a home.  Talk to a Realtor-Buyer's Agent quick while homeownership is ripe for the taking!

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