Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How much does this service cost?
A - It is FREE to the Buyer

Q - How does Bold Real Estate Group Relocation Services make their money?
A - We make our money by the sellers of the home you choose. There is no fee charged to you at any time. We are here to save you money.   

Q - I'd like to use your service, how do I begin? 
A - You can begin by either calling Bold Real Estate Group today, or requesting information from this website. 

Q - How do I know if the Real Estate professional will be a reputable match?
A - We have carefully chosen 10-15 Real Estate Companies or Real Estate professionals in every location and hand picked 1 or 2 for you to work with. 

Q - Do I have to register on line?
A - We prefer to have our medical candidates register on line but if you are uneasy with this process give us a call at 772-224-1634 or send us an email at

Q - What services do you offer?
A – Bold Real Estate Group can offer highly qualified Real Estate professionals to assist you during the home buying or selling process worldwide. Carefully chosen affinity partners to assist you with financing, moving, insurance and property management